Saturday, 26 November 2011


17 of November. Gran Vía. Eight o’clock in the morning. Something is attracting all the attention in Madrid. A dress. Just a dress? No, a Versace’s. Versace for H&M, how a great news. Days and days surfing the net in order to find the most exclusive dress, a dress that, luckily, you will find in the shop the 17 of November. You will look at it, you will touch it, you will buy it. Enthusiasm, this is the word. After years of leafing magazines, at last you can touch one of your favorite designer clothes, though the quality is not the desirable, though you pay extra coin just for the label. But, it is worth it, isn’t it?

A lot of controversy is around every of the designer collections that H&M prepares every year. Quality, price and fame are some of the elements that people around the fashion world debate every time these collections are out. Quality is an important issue when buying clothes since the important thing is the way clothes are made not the price. But, what happens if, despite spending more money, the quality is not the appropriate? Unfortunately, the quality of any of the dresses Alber Elbaz designed for H&M last year is not so different from the one of the basic t-shirts we all have in our wardrobes.
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