Tuesday, 29 March 2011


Have you ever thought about the meaning of Fashion? Or, better: Have you ever asked yourself what fashion means to you? Probably you haven't, it's normal. These aren't easy questions, and not just uneasy but dificult. Maybe you just follow trends or buy clothes because you think this is "fashion", but if you pay attention you'll realise that Fashion is more.

Fashion is the way everybody has to express himself/herself, and everybody can express their personality through Fashion. But, maybe you'll ask me that not everybody is trendy, not everybody seems to be fashion. Yes, but does it matter? Actually, it doesn't! Fashion is art, is the artistic way everybody has to express their feelings and personality, and everybody is free to do it in their own way. Some people are less fortunate than others in how they wear clothes or in the way they put colours together, but in the end they are showing who they are.

So far, I've talked about the artistic face of Fashion, but this is not only all I can say about this art. So, if Fashion is personal, why does everybody dress with the same clothes? They aren't diferent or personal, they're copies!, you would wonder. And again, you're rigth! Why? They see it as a way to be popular or cool in their group of friends, for them is competition, they are supposed to be better if they wear the last jacket or the last skirt. I imagine that these people are always buying clothes and always criticising people's "no-cool" clothes. And, yes, I addmit that I was one of those obsessed girls, but when you grow up you realise that you aren't like others so, why do you have to dress like them? It has no sense! And, of course, nobody has to imitate you and your clothes, they're not your clons.

Now, you will ask, if I cannot copy anybody, how can I do in order to be well dressed? Just follow yourself, I'm sure that you are a wonderful person who's able to think on their own, and who's able to listen what s/he really likes. Because, remember, as I've said, everybody is supposed to follow Fashion, but their Fashion, not other's. However, it is also necesary to know which are the trends that designers, stylists, bloggers, magazines, shops or ordinary people create every season. All of them could be your inspiration, and you can learn of them and create your own fashion.

In conclusion, I can say that Fashion is the way we express ourselves. Fashion is art, so let the artist you have inside come out and enjoy Fashion; because Fashion is creation, not competition.

Maybe, these could be the reasons why I've decided to write this blog (my third one! all the previous ones have failed!!), because it's time I add my point of view to this Fashion World. Because, as you can imagine, I love fashion , and I'd like to share my passion with all of you. I don't really know which way this blog is going to take, but I hope it will be useful for you. Enjoy it!
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